Tuesday, 27 February 2018

Indian Ethnic wear!!!

India is fast growing country in every sector. Clothing is also chasing the fashion. Urban women becoming more modern than rural . But when it come to festive or any occasion, they never hesitate to go for ethnic wear . I am sure all Indian women's wardrobe can't be completed without traditional dresses. This is our culture and Ethnic wear is its very important part.When women wrapped their self in Indian ethnic wear they looks really adorable because Indian culture is automatically coming out. Ethnic wear is our identity of being  an Indian.
Now, Indian ethnic wear is a collaborating with the western wear , becoming more stylish,which Urban women loves to explore. They like fusion wear to try. We want to be in our culture but with style of urban, that is called Indian Women.
So my today Ethnic outfit is like that, its very traditional dress, called " Lehenga". My sister designed this for me on her wedding. Few days back i made some changes in that and made it some what trendy. Its color is unique. So i Paired it with gold jewelry. Hope you all will love it. Enjoy !!

Friday, 23 February 2018

Polka dot!!

Polka dot is always in trend . It gives a formal plus playful attire. Occasionally, white-on-black small dots appear on more formal clothing. I prefer to use it on some meeting or for an interviews. I am sure everyone has one or two Polka dots outfit in their wardrobe. 
So today's out fit is simple and smart. I paired it with black heels and white wrist watch. 
What do you think how it looks??

It has Black blow on back, which i like most :)

Please feel free to comment , your encouraging and thoughtful comments  is what i always waiting for.Have a wonderful weekend!!!

Monday, 19 February 2018

I feel so Happy today :)

Hello love ones!!!
Just like another day, today i woke up with some routine hope. Hope that i will get some news, some expected message. I almost lost that hope , but  guess what today i got that!!! (Don't ask me what's that, it is not easy to explain here  😊) and It made my day :)
I have one small suggestion and i truly believe that : "Never loose hope".
So my today's post aromatically become so special and unique. Ya This is another Sari from my wardrobe, which is bit old , but i have sentimental attachment with it.  In India you will get to see lots of color choices that too vibrant . I love bright colors. This Sari is bit traditional, i like to wear it on some worship or family functions. It gives an elegant look. The print on this Sari is called "Batik Print".It is very popular in India. While initially it was done only on Cotton and Silk, in recent times other fabrics like Georgette also are being used.Mine is also Georgette sari. 

Hope you all like this 😊 
I send you all lots of love and kisses for being with me. Thanks to 🌈  .

Wednesday, 14 February 2018

Color of Love-White

White symbolizes Love, purity, Faith, innocence and clarity. Although the hue is crisp and clean, it actually represents the presence of every color in the spectrum; It shows wholeness and completion. I personally favor white . I feel confident, self-sufficient, very  positive  and optimistic mindset. 
Today is Valentine's day , day of Love, Pure feeling, Trust.  And White indicates calmness, patience which is must in Love.

I wish you all very Happy and Romantic Valentine's day. 
"Valentine’s Day is about so much more than just our  affection for our love one. It’s a time to value those who have always been there, when we needed them most."

Here i select one simple ,elegant white dress to convey my thoughts of Love and affection. 

Saturday, 10 February 2018

Valentine 's gift to Hubby from Gamiss!!

Hi everyone!!!
Yes, the special day is approaching!! I am sure you all must be ready with gifts for your love one. I know this is just occasion to show our love to our partner . 
And i got chance to gift my Hubby on this special day, which i received from Gmaiss .  One of my favorite website for clothing and styling ever.  Gamiss valentines gifts  has unique collection which is perfect for gifting on this loving occasion
My husband is great fan of checks , his shopping never completed without it, so checks is my first choice for him , and i found Turn-down Collar Long Sleeve Plaid Shirt - Red . This is such a fresh color, suits him perfectly. I love this shirt on him.

I always wanted light pink shirt to gift him, so i select this Single Breasted Shirt Collar Long Sleeve Shirt - Pink . He also liked it. I suggest him to wear this on evening dinner, which is has to treat me on Valentin's day.  

One more gift to him from me is Casual Loose Fit Zip Fly Multi-Pockets Cargo Pants For Men - Coffee . It got actually very loose to him, he did some alteration to it. But he like it, my propose solved :)

On Valentine's  days how can i for get to pamper myself. So i ordered few amazing dresses for me too. Here they are.

My valentines eve special dress. 



Last but not least , Gmaiss has wonderful offers, don't fortget to check this out Gamiss valentines day 2018. Gamiss  already made my Valentin's day special like always. Happy week end to all.

Thursday, 8 February 2018

Bodycon suits me?

Hello love ones!!

I am trying really hard to reduce my weight and to get in good shape. Basically i am workout freak. I love to do my workout. So i always enjoy it. Main motto to get in shape is to wear good, styling cloths. I am sure you all agree with me. When ever i  see any new dress first thought comes in my mind is- do it fit well on me? do i look good in this out fit? 
With this confusion i bought this today's Bodycon dress, which i want to show you all. I like this dress,  its perfect fit. But honestly i am not so much comfortable wearing this dress. But i have been experimenting, so thought to try this. I paired it with heels(actually tried both heels). I felt gold diamond studded jewelry will go with it 



Please have a look. And i am expecting honest opinion in  comment box. . Good day :)