Monday, 15 October 2018

Navratri Celebration!!

Good morning love ones!!!

My last week was very busy , lots of shopping and preparation for "Navratri Festival".
I would like to give you brief about this  auspicious festival in India.
The word "Navaratri" is a conjunction of two words "nava" (meaning "nine") and "ratri" (meaning "night"). Spread over 9 nights and 10 days, it is one of the most sacred festivals in Hinduism where we worship Goddess Durga or Shakti, which represents the energy of the universe, in her 9 beautiful forms with great reverence. There are various reasons why Navratri is celebrated, and each has its own significance in different parts of India. 
Main attraction of this festival is "playing Garba", it is one form of Indian dance, which originated in the state of Gujarat in IndiaThe girls dress themselves in the colorful traditional "ghagracholis" and boys in the beautiful "kurta pajamas". People of all ages gather together at a place where the Garbha Dance or DandiyaRass is organized. 
So today i am showing you my "Garba look".Actually what i am wearing  is called "Lengha " . I bought this on my siste's wedding. you won't believe its 18 year old dress. but sill i love it. I made some minor changes in it and wore on "Garba night". i opt for complete traditional look ,ethnic look,with golden jewelry, Hairstyle and all. 
I know its too much Indian look, hope you all like it. As in India we are celebrating many festivals back to back.
On this occasion, I would like to wish you all happy life with lots of best wishes!! Take care of your self.

Friday, 5 October 2018

Sparkling Black Saree!!

Good Morning every one!!
Hope you all are doing great.
As i mentioned in my last post, Indian are celebrating festivals , its festive season.Every one love to wear there traditional cloths on such festive occasion. So mostly my post are related to some traditional cloth.
Today's attire is also Saree .Till date i have posted many things about saree. Did i ever tell  you what exactly saree is? These Indian outfit or loose piece of cloth, which is 9 yard , known as saree or sari and admiringly worn by every other woman in India. Open any Indian women  wardrobe and you may see some Indian ethnic drapes (Saree) hanged on curved alloys, differed with little patterns and usage of fabrics. Pardon for only mentioning India here, even women around the globe including distant foreign town also manage to give a little hassle to wear sarees for their traditional or special occasions. 
This sparkling black saree is not only traditional but also a party wear. I mostly wear it on any evening wedding or receptions. I bought this saree on my Brother's wedding. It is quite old saree, but still it look amazing when ever i wear  it and got lots of compliment about it. This saree stay me connected to ethnic side of Indian clothing and at the same time look stylish and trendy. This is my one of finest party wear saree. It is all made up of net and it has heavy work done on it. When ever i chose this saree to wear, it actually don't need to much accessories with it.  Honestly weight of itself saree is too much, so it don't require any other thing.Only saree is enough to steal a look.
So guys please let me know about your view for this saree and my looks. i will be waiting for it. 
More such ethnic wear post are on the way.  Hope you will enjoy. Have a great weekend. Take good care of your self.

Monday, 24 September 2018

Ethnic look in festive season!!

Hello Everyone,

Here in India Festive season has started. it is the time when entire country is tinged in colors of celebrations, enthusiasm and devotion. It’s the festive season, and quite obviously, everyone wants to wear something different and trendy. A contemporary fashion getting popular in recent times is fusion wear. It is a total saviour, especially when you are stuck in a fashion rut and need a touch of that ‘extra something’ in your simple outfits. 
I also choose something trendy for this season , here are my some clicks in my ethnic cum trendy attire, like 'extra something'. 
The dress i am wearing is called "Kurta", I got this  from Myntra. its online store. This is pure cotton kurta which is my favorite fabric perfect for all season. And color is superb. I paired it with ankle length white leggings. Accessorize it with junk jewelry like oxidized - neck lase , earrings and bangles. I put simple flat sandals with it.
So guys how do you like my this Ethnic look ?? Your each and every comment inspire me and encourage me to give my best in my next post, so please feel free to comment and give your valuable opinion to me. 
Have a great week ahead and take care of yourself and your love ones. 


Wednesday, 12 September 2018


Good Morning!!

Today i want to talk about color-Red.
Color has a huge impact on our emotions, our perceptions, and our spiritual and physical well being. Every color has its own meaning, its importance. Understanding the meaning behind color is important. When you understand the meaning and power a color holds you can leverage that to help you better communicate your message and connect with people around you. And talking about Red-In India Red represents purity, joy, and celebration and is a traditional color worn by brides.It is used for good luck and represents happiness and prosperity.
I am not as such fan of Red color, but i have few dresses in Red color. Today's dress is one of it. I like this dress because of its pattern. i bought it from online store. i feel it has formal as well as casual look too. The fabric is super soft and the color red just makes you stand out. I absolutely love it! For this look I paired it with simple black sandals. Stone ear rings and red lipstick all set. About hair, i felt to tie it up, i think it suits me, what do you say ? 
So what do you think about this color and my looks? Let me know about your idea about Red color , love to read your comments.
Happy week ahead!! Take care .

Wednesday, 29 August 2018

Color of the day-Green !

Hey All!!!

I know i know, lately i am not regular on the blog. Honestly this August month is not so happening for me. Because of the sprain i got in the leg, made me  so helpless. I am trying to cope up with it. Any way i am hoping that  i will get back to My workout, My Trekking, My Photo shoot very soon  that too with double of energy and great power 😊.
So here i am again trying to post something interesting. I had this Green Color dress in my wardrobe. Which i kept specially for out door trip ,it is like good for summer. I want to mention about this color.I read some where "Green is a calming color and is associated with generosity, healing, and a rejuvenated state of mind. People who wear green are charismatic and care deeply about the feelings of others. "  
Because of the color, it looks very refreshing  and cool outfit. Color plays a major role in our lives by the way it influences our moods and emotions. and i love bright and fresh colors. I paired it with some random  necklace of multi color stone. It changes my mood ,like this color. it makes me happy. Green color has an exceptionally positive influence on our physical health and mental state. As this color is tranquil, it makes us relaxed and reduces anxiety.
So guys what do you think about this color?? It energize you too ? let me know. Happy week ahead and stay fit and healthy.
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