Saturday, 28 April 2018

Book Review "This love that feels right" by Ravinder Singh

Who says love can't happen after marriage - ???
 I know his title raises curiosity in many of you. Please read and give your opinion. I would love to know.

As i mentioned i am crazy for books. Specially love stories. i know it sounds insane, but i do really like to read fictitious or nonfiction romantic books. I have huge collection of books. 

But today i want to share The Book from my all time favorite Author Ravinder Singh. In fact i would like to say my reading hobbies start from his book only. Few year back during travelling i bought one book from station,and that was his book-"Of course I Love You". After that i can't stop reading books. I started collecting books and reading like crazy.
Today also i want to share his one book- "This love that feels Right" . I read this book last year. and want to share some thought of it  with all of you.

This is story of Lady -Naina  ,She fallen in love with a man who is not her husband.He is Arav,a good-looking gym fitness trainer. Who says love can't happen after marriage?? This happened to her. She had a usual married life with a successful businessman. She was not unhappy but still there was some emptiness in her life. She also met new friend at same gym-Manvika a TV Jurno. She has different aspect about her married life. She has husband but she believes in open relation. 
The book is a replica  to the present scenario of our society. We might avoid but we all know that it exists. "This Love That Feels Right" leaves the readers questioning their own beliefs. 

There is one line in this book which i really loved. Manvika ask to Naina, "Why does a relationship tie a couple down and not set them free? "  This questions must have different answers. Somewhere you will feel the reality clashes the story line. 
While reading this book i never felt anything going wrong. This book is a thoroughly entertaining  that touches upon the controversial topic of ‘open marriage system’. The story revolves around two young modern day women who takes up the courage to break free from the traditions and the societal norms to find their inner soul and love without boundaries. But are the concepts of open marriages and infidelity acceptable in a society like India which is rich with age-old customs and ancient traditions?
Awaiting for your opinions!!! Happy week end.

Monday, 23 April 2018

Love for Sari :)

My followers number got stuck on #392 , it is not increasing from long time. i am trying harder to get more and more numbers of follower for my Blog. But don't know where it is going wrong.Any ways i am not the person who give up easily not even on my Blog. So i am always trying to get new collaboration from different fashion websites and from different cosmetics websites.

I am trying my level best. Today's out fit is again Indian Attire- Sari. I love to wear sari on many occasion. Personally i feel sari is symbol of style, grace and cultural pride. It reflect our Indian custom. 
This sari is not very new one, one of collection during marriage time. It is of chiffon sari with Jari work on it. The combination of pink with purple is superb and goes well with golden blouse. This sari can be easily worn and light to carry too. I don't like to wear too much jewelry with . Dangling heavy ear rings and Kundan kadas (Its a bangle) gives me stylish ,elegant look. What you guys say about it?   
Have a glance: 

Kindly guide me how to raise the number of followers and how to get collaboration .Thank you all , have a great week ahead.  Happy Monday

Wednesday, 18 April 2018

River Rafting Experience @ Kolad !!

Its a  late post,actually very very late but still i want to share this with all of you, like i always want to do :)
Two years back (2016), in Monsoon (July is Monsoon in India) i went for another thrilling experience, i.e River Rafting at Kolad with my all time favorite Ramblers . It was my one of crazy dream to fulfill. And i did that .
In India if you think of River Rafting , 1st place come in your mind is Risikesh in Uttrakhnad. Apart from it there are many other places for rafting, and i was looking for that and that too near by me. Then i got to know about Kolad. Kolad is a major tourist destination in Maharashtra, especially due to its approach towards water based adventure activities and similar activities. Kolad is a peaceful yet vibrant location that offers adventure sports like Rafting, Zip lining, kayaking,  Banana boat and many more but of course Kolad White River Rafting has gained prominence in the tourism sector in the recent year. The river name is Kundalika.
Rafting is a high adrenaline sport of navigating a river in an inflatable raft. If you ever get into a mood for some good river rafting adventure, head straight for river Kundalika .River Kundalika is fed by the excess waters from the hydroelectric projects and dams, which makes river Kundalika ideally suited for white water rafting, and other water based adventure and leisure activities.
My experience was astounding.
We started Rafting at 9.30 in morning  ,all geared up to sail the beautiful river . We got our instruction. It was very cool and calm weather and river was looking so peaceful until my first encounter of Rapid. I was seeing a high and giant wave coming towards us and ready to engulf us .It was epic!!! There was more such rapids which enjoyed a lot. it was about 12km of path . 
We did many other activities too like Kayaking, Zip lining .and best was Bumper ride and Banana Boat. 

Banana Boat ride.

I don't have much solo pictures of mine .
 At the end of the day i was completely drench, exhausted but still happy  . I Assembled all the memories created in day in one of my corner of heart and traveled back to home. 
Hope you enjoyed my rafting experience.It revives  my memories too 😊.

Thursday, 12 April 2018

Cold shoulder Top!

Hello all love ones!!
Today i have chosen  Cold shoulder top. which i recently bought from some local shop. ( I am not brand freak person) 
I must say there is no escape from cold shoulder top these days. It's one of latest trend. and it should be in your wardrobe. Till few days back i didn't have any such top, because i thought its not for me, may be it won't look good on me. Then i decided to try and i bought few :) .When i tried that top, honestly i felt why i was away from it from so many days. 
These tops are trendy, modish, fashionable and most important up to date. I want to mention that they are sexy and still can camouflage your most of arms but with amazing style. I am very much in love of these tops.  
Below top is one of from my recent shopping. It goes great with blue denim . 
I hope you like this top  as much as i like it. It has lovely pink color.
Have a look. And  have a love day ahead to all. Take good care of yourself and love yourself too. 


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Friday, 6 April 2018

Good bye to Alibaug!!

After two days of relaxation, it was time for us to adieu to Alibaug.
It was one of my most amazing vacation i had. It was our last morning, and i was feeling to extend this stay over there. The purpose of having a vacation is to get away from the place that produces you stress, to escape or to relax and enjoy moments in a quiet place to recharge the energy you need to return to work routine.
It is normal that at end of vacations we feel nostalgic or sad remembering the good times at the place where you relaxed and had fun.When we were on vacation the days pass quickly, as good things happen. Anyway, I am happy that we had an exciting vacation where I did what I love and enjoyed love again.This vacation was definitely what I needed. I feel recovered and ready for all the challenges of life. 
I was feeling to soak myself in the beauty of nature surrounded . So decided to capture few more moments over here.
Our beautiful Resort- Bougainvillea


Hope you enjoyed my post!!! 

Tuesday, 3 April 2018

Small trip to Alibaug !! Part III

As the title indicate anyone can guess that today's post is protraction of last two post. Hope you all are enjoying it. 
We had lots of fun on this small family trip. It was much need for all of us. 
I believe most important is to spend time with each other at home, or on Holiday or on road.
Our visit to Alibaug was memorable . And i utilizes its beauty completely for my my blog.
Our resort was full of greenery . It was giving us the feeling of staying at our own home. I grabbed this opportunity and started .Before vacation shopping is the rule know!! Here is one of my shopping. Its color , fabric is just perfect for such pleasant weather.  
Be with me until next come ✽✽✽✽.