Sunday, 31 May 2020

Tube/Bandeau Dress!!!!!!!

Good Morning loved ones!!

How summer is treating you? Here it's on full rage. Because of this COVID19 most of the time, we are at home, but still, during workout time it becomes exhaustive. Wating for the monsoon to arrive. And Awaiting for things to get normal like early. When we all will be free from this Corona. Our life become usual, happier, and free. I am sure this time will come soon. We just have to keep cam ourselves and follow all the rules and conditions given by our government. We will overcome this bad time. 

Today I have to show you something interesting. I personally love this look. It's true that I can't wear this dress and go outside., I mean I would love to but honestly, I don't have that courage. When I wore this dress to click, Mr. Hubby was bewildered, astound. But he loved it too. 
So about Bandeau dress (Tube dress), It is popular nowadays. It enhances the look and style of women. There are many types and designs available in the Tube dress. But when you choose something to wear as party wear try to choose the best style and designs. 
I have this black dress with absolutely great fitting. Its fabric makes me more comfortable. It is very stylish and trendy. I think it is perfect for evening parties if I would think to wear. I decided to wear this heavy diamond-studded neck lase with it, no need for earring, and no other accessories.  Basic makeup, Smoky eyes and some nice dark shade of lipstick is all I need.  I can't forget to wear high heels with it. 
DO you think I should wear this dress for some evening outing or parties? please need your honest opinion. Do send your suggestion in comments. I will wait for it.
Till then stay home, stay safe!! Have a healthy life to all!!

Monday, 25 May 2020

AlisaPan, lovely collection !!

Good morning All, Happy Monday!!

I hope you all are doing great and everyone has safe and sound health. During this gloomy time I was wondering where our economy will take us? Will we have to start from scratch? Well if this is the scenario, let's start with some new, small things.

I was going through some websites, for the new collections. Surfing new websites are always one of my favorite things. And I across through this absolutely amazing website  AlisaPan.  I was checking it out, it has a very limited collection, but whatever they have, I promise you, you won't find it anywhere. It's a new brand that fascinates me completely. You will find a fantastic collection suitable for young girls and those are not too flashy. You can have clothes for your day to day life. Very casual, trendy but classy collection. Most important they are very affordable. I am in love with it. You will find different types of Tops, Tank tops, casual dresses, Miniskirts, Swimsuits, Jumpsuits, and many more. 

Today I am gone show my wishlist for my next shopping from AlisaPan. Have a look at it. And I would suggest you not to just belive me go and hit the website and make your own shopping list.  I am sure you will be bewildering like me. 

1. Ever-Pretty Short V Neck Lace Party Dress EP04036

2. Sexy V-Neck Printed Ruffled Long Sleeve Office Ladies Summer Pleated Dress

3. Ladies' Button Pockets Polka Dot Blazer Shorts Suits

4. Holiday Floral Print High Waist Buttons Spring Summer Female Midi Skirts

5. Elegant Casual Solid Sleeveless Office Lady Tank Top for Women

6. Sexy Lace Hollow Out Embroidery Feminine Blouse With Lantern Sleeves

So guys what do you think about my choice? Isn't it awesome? Go and check it out. 
Till that time keep posting on my blog and stay home stay safe!!! Take care. 

Saturday, 23 May 2020

White Classy Saree!!

Good Evening All!!

Like other countries, India is also fighting against COVID19. states and union territories in the country, including Delhi and Maharashtra, are under complete lockdown. As lockdowns and curfews force people to stay indoors. There is no chance for us to get any freedom to get away from home. As per the guidelines to be in effect, while shops, malls, and private offices will remain shut in Mumbai, Better stay home and be safe that what we can do. Let's not lose hope. 

As I am able to take out some time, after all, household work and office work, I try to do some do write a blog, for that I need to click pictures too, which I am able to do.
Yesterday I took out one of my favorite saree from Wardrobe and did the photoshoot. 
It is very classy white saree with beautiful embroidery work on it. Saree is made up of chiffon, which clings your body perfectly. I love embroidery work on it which is a very colorful, and unique attraction of this saree.  I always feel the joy to drape this saree , this time I opt for a different blouse for it. It is made of soft net so my skin loves it. I feel too many accessories will ruin this look, so I paired it with the chocker Blue necklace. I chose blue, cause the border of the saree is blue. So it goes well with it. Apart from that, I wear Multicolor bangles and a smart ring.Beautiful pick shade of Lipstick, my usual Smoky eyes, And Kajal, I think enough for me. What do you say, guys? Do you like this saree? Please share your ideas about this. I would love to hear from all of you.
Till that time stay home, stay safe. Take care of your loved ones. 

Sunday, 17 May 2020

OOD - Party attire!!

Good Afternoon all loved ones.

Hope you all are safe. Staying at home for such a long time is getting tougher, isn't it? But do we have a choice? Better to stay inside. The global coronavirus pandemic has created a new reality marked by grief and loss. Weddings, concerts, meetings, travels plans, school events, and more have been canceled in the wake of the virus. It has forced us to process both individual and collective grief in the face of an uncertain future which we are powerless to control. 
Now we have to become used to it, this is New Normal. Let's deal with it. Maybe something is coming in our way. Hope for the best. 

I am working from home but manages to take out time for the blog, time for blog shoot. Writing a blog is something that makes me always happy.  Today I have to show a party dress, which I never wore at any party till date. But will wear soon, once lockdown lift.
This dress is close to my heart, love its color and fabric. It's Pattern superb. The flow of it is the cause of its fabric. I paired it with an awesome necklace and earrings.  I feel good makeup is a must for party attire. Beautiful dark eyeshades, bright lipstick, glossy lips. High heels gave me a perfect look. 
How do I look?? Please guide me on styling. Do I need to add anything to this look? I will wait for your expert comments. 
Stay Home Stay Safe!! take care of your self.