Friday, 30 September 2022

Formal look with another combination.

 Good Evening All!!

Taking out time of routine and writing is fun sometimes. I am trying to be regular here, but. I know this is just another excuse. I will try to write more often. 

With growing age, I have learned many things, which I was aware of but not enough mature to accept. One thing is that "Nothing is Forever", not love, not attachment or pain. We would become habitual of that pain and eventually forget what was hurting most. With age, you will understand what people around you won't be able to express. You won't ask for an explanation,  you will accept it and will move on without a grudge toward them. It will be you who will suffer for longer because you were expecting that was true and forever, but it was never. So better to accept it, because for whom you are aching has left you long back or maybe those were never into you. Is it really so hard to forget things so easily?? Maybe yes or maybe not. You won't get its answer ever. If love can't be forever then how could pain be? Nonending topic..right? I have learned...let it go, that was never yours, few beautiful memories I have for myself.

So today nothing new, just another formal look with a different formal shirt. Rest is the same as last look, pants, and blazer. This green top is one of my favorites. Very smart and classy formal. I tried it with the jacket and without the jacket. And I paired it with heels instead of wedges. So how do I look? I am eager to know. Keep giving your expert comments about the look and about my thoughts. this is the only place where I always would like to express myself.

Saturday, 17 September 2022

New Formal collection!

 Hello Pals,

Hope you all are doing good. I am fine now, recovered fully, and went for a trek too. It was waterfall rappelling. One of the most thrilling experiences I had. Yes yes, I will write about it too in my next post.

But today's post is all about new entries into my wardrobe. I never bought Blazer for myself. This is the 1st time I ordered it. I never wore a such jacket. My work needs me to wear formal more often. So I had to buy it.  Blazers are a versatile staple of smart-casual wear. My blazer is similar to a suit jacket but is cut a little looser. I bought one pair of black trousers and one white top too. I am not a trousers or jeans type person, I am more comfortable in dresses. But with time we need to change, right? Yea, trousers give you a perfect formal classy look. All you need is the right fit or the right type and you are good to go. Nowadays people no longer go for those black, skinny standard pants. They go for color and different styles. I prefer black only. 

So here we go, My pants are the bellbottom type with super comfortable fitting. Bell bottom is again in trend nowadays. I paired it with white linen soft and airy top. I tried to wear it both ways. Like one is tucked out and the other is tucked in. In both looks, I tried wearing a Jacket over it. I don't think tucked-in looks good on me. For footwear, I chose to wear wedges, It's pretty comfortable. But heel will go superb with it. I want to look good for my formal meetings, I did my usual makeup, Kajal, smoky eyes, and a shade of lipstick. 

So guys let me know which one looks better. I would love to hear from all of you. Till that time, take care of yourself and your loved ones and have a great weekend.


Monday, 5 September 2022

OOD- Maroon formal dress

 Hello Guys!!

The week has started, hope all have a great week. Hope the same for me, as I am down with bad health. All symptoms of Covid are there, I am not able to smell anything, so much cough, bad headache, and body ache. I am done with all 3 doses of vaccines, but Doctor said, it can happen anyways. Let's see. I had plans for next weekend but seems I am not gone executive it. 

Anyways, I am working as I am doing WFH, so it's doable, can't sleep the whole day. So thought let's write a blog for another formal dress, which I simply loved on me. I bought it from Myntra. This is perfect for official meetings. And this color is quite acceptable for day as well as evening events.  Marron color solid dress. I added a belt to it, which enhances its look. I paired it with off-white wedge sandals. Makeup is quite usual. Smoky eyes bit dark shade of lipstick and Kajal. My watch gives it a more formal look.

What do you say guys about this look? Do post your review, I always love to read it. Till then take care and have a good week ahead.