Friday, 15 June 2018

Wish list @ Zaful!! 4th anniversary celebration

Hello Beautiful people!!

Zaful!!! Do you think this name need introduction? This is the website where you get all trendy and classy dresses at very good price. I love this site , they have all fashionable collection , which you won't get any where. the style they offers are best and too much in trend. 
Good news is that they have completed four year successfully. i wish them many more such victorious years in future. So this is Zaful's 4th anniversary time. They are  celebrating it with lots of different offers and discounts. i feel honored that i got chance to be part of it. So i decided to make wish list specially for this summer. They has amazing summer collection with great offers. Have a look on my choices.
i will suggest you to visit there site personally and start making your own wish list like me. you will love the stuff..An wonderful Anniversary Carnival  (Jun. 18th to 20th)is here.

I am great fan of dresses, So my summer selection goes like this!!!

Floral Print Long Sleeve Dress - Blue- its color is so refreshing. 

Crochet Panel High Waist Mini Dress - White-All time favorite. 

Bohemian Floral Open Back Maxi Dress - White-this has beautiful floral print.

Floral Mini Wrap Dress - Fire Engine Red- Lovely color.

Floral Print Off Shoulder Dress - Multi- its pattern attract me more

Striped Ruffle Straps Dress - White- Pretty dress .

Floral Print Smocked Cami Midi Dress - Light Pink- Perfect for summer. 

This is not the end, 

Use this  "ZFNancy" -to get 10% discount. 

Free Shipping Worldwide, Shop from $5.99, Coupon up to $40, ect... Enjoy Zaful 4th- Is this not bonus !!!

So guys what are you all waiting for go and grab this opportunity to shop at one of most awesome website. Have  a great shopping :)

Zaful Unconditional Refund with Quality, Non-received, Size Issue within 24 Hours

YouTube Celebrities on Zaful Anniversary

Monday, 11 June 2018

Cold shoulder dress!!!

Hello All,
Sorry for my absence for so long. I am struggling for something. Which i would like to share some other time. I need to give my full dedication and time  to it , which i am giving. Wish me luck for it 😊 .
Quick view on my today's dress -It is  Cold Shoulder Dress, which i bought from online few days back. Trust me it got the moment.As it come to cold shoulder dress,  i am always in. I love its pattern as it comfortable to wear . It's fabric is pure cotton which i love to wear and decause of humid weather this is ideal choice to dress up. Sneakers are the best thing i can paired with it with lovely metallic dangling blue ear ring, which my daughter gifted me on Mother's day.
Here it goes-


Wednesday, 30 May 2018

Georgette pink sari.

Hello love one!!
I am sure you all are very much aware of Sari now . A sari is the traditional Indian draped dress that women wear. No matter how many centuries have gone by, it still remains to be one of India’s most wanted attires. This six-yard ensemble varies in wearing styles. There are modern ways of wearing the sari and more traditional ways. It emphasizes sensuality and grace. This attire is gorgeous and brings an ageless elegance to the wearer. There is a large variety of fabric and colors that sari are made of.Compared to any other fabric, Georgette gives the sari an extremely playful appeal. I love that too very much. No matter what season it is, you can wear a Georgette sari in autumn, winter, spring and summer. The soft texture makes it delightful to wear and drape, particularly during the season of summer when everything else feels too hot.
My Today's sari is of Georgette too with heavy work on it and has beautiful pink color . This  figure-friendly and flowing Georgette sari is a lovely choice for an evening functions, family get together or any wedding. The ear ring i am wearing with it is i just love than anything else. Pink lip stick and same eye shades goes well with it.
I hope you all like this my look . Have a lovely and healthy week ahead.

Wednesday, 23 May 2018

Outfit of the day-Blue Maxi dress.

Hello dears!! 
As we all know The Maxi Dress has become a women’s wardrobe essential. I am not actually maxi lover. but yes i have some long dresses. Which i like to wear sometime. 
Today's out fit is absolutely beautiful  blue Maxi. I bought this just because i couldn't resist my self from buying it without any solid reason(Typical me) .It is made up of very soft satin which is most sexiest and feminine fabric i have ever known. I feel it is perfect for evening events like romantic dinners and parties.  Honestly , this is one of my look i love most.
When you opt for such gorgeous maxi dress, accessories plays most important part, doesn't it? With this dress i wore blue stone sparkling necklace which has it's matching earrings. As i I don't do much makeup  , but this look needed perfect evening makeup. So i chose blue smoky eyes and red lipstick. And i can't miss my kajal(kohl) .
I hope you all like this look of mine as much i do!!!! Can't wait to see what you guys think about it.
Thanks for being with me and your all time support & encouragement. Love you all ,have a great week.Mhumhaaaa
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Thursday, 17 May 2018

Cowgirl Look!

Hello Beauties!!! 
How you doing in your life? I am hoping that everyone is treating their life great. 
You must have got idea from Title of today's blog. Yes i tried a Cowgirl look. When we think of Cowboy or Cowgirl,immediate and first image comes to mind is big hat, leather shoes and Gun (Here i don't have that 😐). 
So today i am showcasing such rugged and tough look but with sophisticated and gentle touch . I feel this look fresh, chic and completely fun. Believe me i was filling like i dressed up all the way for any costume party or any fancy dress competition.  
I bought this dress sometime back. It is denim. I hardly wear this dress because it is bit short and i won't be able to drive my two wheeler by wearing it. but i like this dress very much. It is very trendy and classy. I got this boots from my one of collaboration.And this hat, few years back we bought this on some of our vacation. I paired them together to get this Cowgirl look. Isn't it looking good? 
I hope you all are enjoying my blog and my post. Your comments inspire me to write more and keep on experimenting with new styles. Till then have a good day and amazing week end with your love ones ♥♥♥
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