Wednesday, 24 April 2019

Gift list for Mother's Day!!!

Very Good morning Love ones,

From the title you all must have guess that what i am going to share with you. Yes, 12th May is Mother's Day , it's coming. I believe every day is Mother's day, because we can't think of a single day without Mother. But this is day when we can honour and respect our Mother and celebrate the Motherhood.This is opportunity when we can show our gratitude toward our mother, her love, her care for us. It's time to celebrate Women hood with lovely women dresses.

This year i decided to make her day very special . So i think of Dresslily My first choice, my all time favourite website .  They have best collection for women. The  dresses and other stuff available at this site are truly beautiful and not a repeat of what you generally find at other websites. Designs are unique and trendy.
Dresslily  has the latest styles of dresses . In addition, you can find stunning Gown and evening dresses to gift your Mom. Apart from dresses, you can also surprise her with Purses, Shoes and Jewellery and many more things, which are available here on same website. You don't need to search it out anywhere else. 
 This is not surprising as Dresslily has a team of professional buyers they know the latest fashion trends and work with emerging designers and brands worldwide. As such, this site presents a creative and trendy collection of very high quality and at very good price. I should add here, you will great gifts for your Dad and Hubby too for another special days.

Following are the my gift list which i have chosen for my Mom to gift her on this Mother's Day. let me know which you like most. Have a nice day. Stay healthy.

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Tuesday, 16 April 2019

Jump -Suit!

Hello dear ones,

I always love to try different cloths. On a condition that i should more than comfortable in that. I must be satisfied with my in all attire. So today i decided to try something like that , which is very comfortable and i like the way i am looking. 
Here is my Jumpsuit!! I had wish to wear jumpsuit from very long time. When i saw this , i really felt to buy it. I was not sure whether i will look good in that or not, but still i thought to give it a try. Now a days Jumpsuits has taken seriously as a fashion item. It is consider must have one.It’s not hard to see why; jumpsuits are the ultimate outfit-in-one.It is combination of ease, comfort , attitude and style . Trust me there  is nothing easier than to wear jumpsuit. 
This is cotton crepe made which i like most about it. Perfect for summer. It is white color has beautiful blue embroidery work on it, because of that it looks more sassy. It has trendy pockets. I think because of pockets only  jumpsuit looks trendy and it gives you a comfort look also. If i would have good physic , i would have buy more of jumpsuit 😊.

Please let me know how do you like my jumpsuit . Feel free to comment and i would love to hear if you suggest me anything about my looks or style. Have a good week ahead . Stay healthy and energetic. 

Tuesday, 9 April 2019


Hello everyone!!

How are you doing today. Wish you have nice day.
Today i want to introduce something unique and exquisite to all of you, which i never done this before.
FreedomSilk , yes i am talking about this website. I was looking for some home decor for my house,and i came across this site. When i was going through this, i was amazed by seeing the such excellent stuff they have. Basically they have all silk collection which i love most, And i couldn't control myself to share this with all of you. 
If you want to redecorate your home or you want to make some difference to your bedroom , you must have to visit this site. I wanted to buy some good classy and beautiful bed sheet like silk bedding set for guest room of my home. They have fabulous collection . All are magnificent and superb.Colors are very elegant and classy. I am sure it will enhance the whole look of your room.It looks luxurious.The fabric seems really comfortable .I love this color .

19 Momme Seamless Silk Sheets Set

If you want just Pillow case, here you are . They have mulberry silk pillowcase . So many colors are available over here . If you have bed sheet you can just buy pillow case to match with it. It will give nice look. 

19 Momme Terse One Side Silk Pillowcase

Apart from bedding sets and cushions they have pleasant  silk nightgown . i never use such nightgown, but when i saw these night dresses here, i feel to buy for me. They are very elegant and stylish. I love to wear such nightgown for cosy and peaceful sleep. 

One more thing make this site interesting for me  is womens silk robes. I like the design and fabric they use for it. They looks awesome. 
So guys , do you like this website ? I am sure you gone love it . I would suggest you to check this out by yourself. You will definitely get what you looking for may be that is for your Lavish bedroom which make you feel homely. or may be you want some delightful nighty for you. So go and have a look. And let me know about my selection. Have a lovely day to you all.

Thursday, 4 April 2019

Review of Lovely Dresses from Dresslily!!

Good afternoon sweets!!!!

How you all doing? and how spring is treating you, it must be pleasant over there? Here in India Summer has started and we are experiencing too much heat during day time. And in Mumbai heat plus humidity is unbearable. Anyway, this is called Nature's Cycle and we all have to go through it. Better we should enjoy every season fully. Summer has its own advantage, you can eat lots of Ice cream 😋. You can wear cloths which comfort you most . 

So here i want to show you very pretty and lovely dresses i received two days back  from Dresslily
I love both dresses. Like always i  received the parcel on time without any delay. Both dresses are superb fit with very comfortable fabric. I am very selective about material of the cloths i am wearing.And  Dresslily never fail to fulfill my this demand.I want to say Thanks to them . They really have great collection with unique designs. So many time i gets lots of compliment about my dresses from them. People likes my collection. 

Here is the 1st Dress  Bohemian Print Spaghetti Strap Dress . I like such type of dresses,especially when summer is ahead . Its comfortable casual dress , perfect for day outing or for one day picnic. I like its length, its below knee which i generally prefers . Its print is very trendy and color is very attractive. 

And 2nd dress  Floral Print Back Cut Out Skater Dress ,  i fell in love with this dress. It's a  beautiful dress with fabulous design and print. I needed bit alteration to this dress (May be i have reduce some weight 😤) But now it absolutely fits me. Very cool fabric and my skin love it.

They have new collection, Here are the new arrival
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So guys please do let me know which is your favourite dress, and please feel free to comment on my chooses. I happy to hear from all of you.
 Happy week ahead and stay fit.