Monday, 25 June 2018

I am totally workout freak :)


Hope you all are doing amazing!Here in Mumbai we are having Monsoon, its heavy rains here. I love rains, but sometime it trouble a lot.but any ways that the nature is -unpredictable . 
Today from my caption to post you must have got an idea what i am gone talk about 💪.
Yes, i am crazy for my workout. I love my zumba. I love to do my weight training. I feel Gym is my another home.I do running in heavy rains too. I hate to miss my swimming cause of menstrual. I agree i am not skinny in spite of doing so much workout ; this is because my motto is to stay fit not to become zero size 😊 and trust me i am enjoying every bit of my workout. This is my routine. And i am fit too. 
I believe in "stretch your limits ,raise your bar". i love to take challenges when it come to my workout. i am always searching of innovative and difficult workout for abs (yea i want flat belly). In this mission i thanks to my gym trainers , they are always my great support and push me to do that. I know Its long way to go....and i am ready to go.
Here are my some forms of exercise which may you like to see. And i would like to see your comments and critics about my postures and forms.please fill free to post.
I feel so good and energetic after doing my workout. I am loving it .
 This is called "Chakrasana
  I tried it in another way too-
Hand stand:

 This is  form of Plank, it require too much balance and strength in your arms. Looks very easy.

 Advance form of Plank-

 Tried to do Push-up on dumbbells- 

Have a Healthy Life. 

Friday, 15 June 2018

Wish list @ Zaful!! 4th anniversary celebration

Hello Beautiful people!!

Zaful!!! Do you think this name need introduction? This is the website where you get all trendy and classy dresses at very good price. I love this site , they have all fashionable collection , which you won't get any where. the style they offers are best and too much in trend. 
Good news is that they have completed four year successfully. i wish them many more such victorious years in future. So this is Zaful's 4th anniversary time. They are  celebrating it with lots of different offers and discounts. i feel honored that i got chance to be part of it. So i decided to make wish list specially for this summer. They has amazing summer collection with great offers. Have a look on my choices.
i will suggest you to visit there site personally and start making your own wish list like me. you will love the stuff..An wonderful Anniversary Carnival  (Jun. 18th to 20th)is here.

I am great fan of dresses, So my summer selection goes like this!!!

Floral Print Long Sleeve Dress - Blue- its color is so refreshing. 

Crochet Panel High Waist Mini Dress - White-All time favorite. 

Bohemian Floral Open Back Maxi Dress - White-this has beautiful floral print.

Floral Mini Wrap Dress - Fire Engine Red- Lovely color.

Floral Print Off Shoulder Dress - Multi- its pattern attract me more

Striped Ruffle Straps Dress - White- Pretty dress .

Floral Print Smocked Cami Midi Dress - Light Pink- Perfect for summer. 

This is not the end, 

Use this  "ZFNancy" -to get 10% discount. 

Free Shipping Worldwide, Shop from $5.99, Coupon up to $40, ect... Enjoy Zaful 4th- Is this not bonus !!!

So guys what are you all waiting for go and grab this opportunity to shop at one of most awesome website. Have  a great shopping :)

Zaful Unconditional Refund with Quality, Non-received, Size Issue within 24 Hours

YouTube Celebrities on Zaful Anniversary

Monday, 11 June 2018

Cold shoulder dress!!!

Hello All,
Sorry for my absence for so long. I am struggling for something. Which i would like to share some other time. I need to give my full dedication and time  to it , which i am giving. Wish me luck for it 😊 .
Quick view on my today's dress -It is  Cold Shoulder Dress, which i bought from online few days back. Trust me it got the moment.As it come to cold shoulder dress,  i am always in. I love its pattern as it comfortable to wear . It's fabric is pure cotton which i love to wear and decause of humid weather this is ideal choice to dress up. Sneakers are the best thing i can paired with it with lovely metallic dangling blue ear ring, which my daughter gifted me on Mother's day.
Here it goes-