Sunday, 31 March 2019

Every-Pretty!! Once again

Happy sunday to all!!

When it come to cloth shopping, i always become choosy , and end doing more than cloths i needed to shop initially. And this exactly happens when i was going through  Ever-Pretty. In my last post what i was looking for, but later i found more gorgeous dresses on this site.I have been surfing from this site i was falling more and more in love with everything i was seeing. So i thought to write another post to show you many more gorgeous dresses. They have superb offers and discounts .

I wish i can go back in time , during my college time and i will get chance to attend my Promo night once again. I know it sound crazy, but i really wish after seeing such beautiful Prom dresses.

Have look which i wish to wear : 
Shimmery Evening Dress with Slit

Sexy Fitted Lace Mermaid Style Evening Gown

When after completion of college i would have love to wear    white graduation dresses .

Wedding collection are really awesome and at best price . I wish i can marry again to my husband. if i will celebrate my 25th anniversary, i will celebrate it and i will offer my besties to wear   Bridesmaid dresses so it will create lovely memories 

On my 25th Anniversary i wish to gift to my Mom and mom-in law too lovely dresses. Every-pretty has fabulous collection of  Mother Of The Bride Dresses   and  Mother Of The Groom Dresses.  I want to surprise them.

So what you think about my selection? Please drop your view in comments. I would love to read. And i will suggest you go on this site personally and experience amazing collection by yourself. You will be  love it. 
Have a good coming week and stay healthy.

Sexy Fitted Off Shoulder Cocktail Dress

Thursday, 28 March 2019

Every -Pretty !! Amazing collection .

Hello Bloggers!!

How are you doing? Hope life is treating you great. 

Today ,I have really great website to share with all of you. Yes, this is new collaboration about which i am super excited .  Every-Pretty  this is the  website i am talking about. I must say they have classy collection of all type of dresses. They have  dresses for every occasion. Color, prints, fabric everything is  exclusive. Best part is they are available in plus size too and at reasonable price. 
Here in India its a wedding season, and i have to attend weddings of very close ones. This is the perfect place where i will get everything as per my style .and i am sure it will fits into my budget too. Here i want to show you my favourites dresses. 
Next month i am going for wedding of my best friend, and i am gone be bridesmaid. I never to be bridesmaid before this . This is the first time so i am waiting for more to wear Bridesmaid dresses

Lace Cap Sleeve Evening Gown

I have special attraction for  Purple bridesmaid dresses . 
I was always willing to wear such purple dress. I want to look beautiful bridesmaid. And here there are awesome purple dresses i chose for myself. 

Ruched One Shoulder Evening Dress

Short Sleeveless Party Dress with V-Neck

There is one more occasion, my younger cousin is going to gratitude this year , and she is looking for  
  graduation dresses                          
I am gone suggest this site to her for selecting her dress for her special day. I know she gone love it. 

Lacey One Shoulder Short Party Dress

So guys what are you waiting for, go and hit this website for such awesome collection. If you are looking for wedding collection, i promise you won't stop on single dress:) . happy shopping. And let me about my selection 😊

Tuesday, 26 March 2019

Off Shoulder dress for summer....

Hello love ones,

Summer just has begun, and here it feel like extreme heat . And we have to deal with it for more time. I never like summer, in India it can be quite unbearable. This season is the hottest time in most of the parts of India. ... Hot winds and scorching sun are the two most inseparable constituents of Indian summer. Light cotton clothes remain the order of the day to protect yourself of the prickly heat of summer. We have to deal with this hot and humid weather for most of the year. Dressing right is a necessity if you want to be relatively more comfortable and relaxed.
But best part about summer is i get chance to wear the clothes i like most. Cotton cloths, Cotton will help you to beat the heat because it is a breathing fabric meaning it helps air to move freely through the fabric which helps you to beat the heat.
Today also i want to show such cotton dress which i choose for this post. 
It is off shoulder floral dress i bought from local market. . Because of summer  this off shoulder subtly sexy style has become the now a days biggest trend . — it's comfortable and fashion-forward. i paired it with necklace which i love most to paired it with this dress specially. It's a beautiful choker type necklace .And i wore rings matching to necklace. Because of it i got such great look. 
So guys what do you want to say about my this attire? Please do comment , And have a healthy week ahead. 

Wednesday, 20 March 2019

Summer collection Wish List @ Dresslily!!!

Very Good Morning !!!!

Summer has arrived,   Warm and woolen clothes now makes you start to sweat. We can prevent this by dressing smart and wearing the right clothes to beat the heat. So my wardrobe need changes as the weather changes. 

As i was searching for summer wear, first website i like to hit is none other than Dresslily. Does it need introduction? I am sure not, this is the worldwide know brand . This is the best website where i  always prefer to shop whenever i need something for myself. Dresslily has latest style dresses. The collection available at this site are truly beautiful and gorgeous and not the same regular dresses you find on other websites. They have all unique collection. I want to add here that Dresslily has professional team , who knows latest fashion, trend and design and they also know what exactly their customers demands are.  
Back to my summer shopping, below are my favorite clothes from this website. Let me know which one you like most.

1. Word Shoulder Strap Chiffon Elegant Party Fairy Dress

2. Draped Pleated A Line Flounce Dress

 5. Low Cut Print Midi Dress

Here are the new arrival It's time to refresh your wardrobe! DressLily prepare the best high-quality but low-prices products for you, make you free under all occasion for Monday to Friday.

To get discount : 
Use code: DLAnniversary   with 12% discount:  
Use code " DLAnniversary " for all order with over 25USD save 3USD 

Use code"DLAnniversary"  for all order with over 50USD save 6USD

Use code " DLAnniversary " for all order with over 100USD save 12USD

Tuesday, 12 March 2019

Canyon Valley trek !!

Hello All,

Today i really want you all to read this my blog. It's all about my experience with today's young  generation and their way of living life .
On 10th March i went on trek. As i am trekker , whenever i get chance i grab my ruck suck and head toward the trek. This was one of most amazing trek. It is called Canyon Valley. You can see the picture how beautiful trek it was. 
It's a valley at Lonavala (Mumbai -Pune Highway), very less explored place by people.First you have to descend in this valley and at the end there is mesmerizing waterfall. And later you have to ascend to get back to your place. 
Honestly i don't want to talk much about trek, treks are always interesting to me.
  In Today post i want to tell you all about nowadays young people. I went on trek with 4 friends. Out of them i knew only one, but now all are good friends of mine. . All these 4 were at the age of 24-26 years.All are very young compare to me. But when i saw there way of living every moment of life, i was like why we are so sorted out?? I felt like we are living very organized or very drafted life. Our whole week are always planned. We generally don't do which doesn't fit in  this plan. Our food , our day to day activities goes according to our Time table which made to sort our life. I am  married, have one daughter. I have responsibilities.So everything goes as per our daily schedule. We learnt a lot, and now we are applying those knowledge to our lives. And I am  happy with my life. no complains about it. But this new generation, we have to learnt so many thing from them. They know how to enjoy every moment, how to make unplanned plan successful.It's not like that they are irresponsible or  don't know their boundaries. They know their duties. They are responsible, very organize. They know where to stop. They care for others, there friends, they respect all. They like to take care of themself.They concern about their expenditure, they value for money.  They actually want to do so many things for their parents. They care for them,just their way of showing affection is different.I realsies,  many time we blame, scold young people.We become judgemental towards them. We think nowadays kids don't have emotions or feeling the way we had. But it's not true. They also got breakup and they too goes through tough time, in fact they are stronger than us. They really try hard to overcome their demons.They are sentimental and sensitive. It's just their way to live life is different from us. They are ideal. We should see goodness in them.

I hope you all will like this post and don't forget to give your opinions in comment box. I posted some pics of the trek. 
Happy week ahead. Stay fit.

Monday, 4 March 2019

Love for Blue saree!!!!!


Hey how are you doing??Hope all having good time. Me doing great. Honestly after my exam my mind is wandering in mountain and on beaches, so i am planning for snow trek in summer. letsee how it work out.

Till now you all are familiar with my love for saree. As its a most beautiful attire of India, i love to wear saree wherever i gets the chance. Of Course it should be some traditional reason or religious occasion. 
So this morning i have a beautiful saree to show you all. Its blue chiffon, skin loving fabric. Colour is pleasant and   refreshing. This saree is very easy to drape. It won't take much time. And it settle on body so nicely. It is easy to carry. This saree is very trendy. I can opt this for any wedding or any evening function.
When it come to accessories , i prefer to wear only heavy dangling matching earring with it. (Tip: when you wear heavy earring on any traditional attire, you don't need to wear necklace) .And i wear blue stone bangles. Because of its colour, i choose red lipstick and light eye shades. It is Indian look so i put Bindi on forehead, it gave me very Indian look.
  So guys tell me how do feel about this saree and my getup? Is is over do? You can tell me freely your opinion in comments.I will wait for it. 
Have a great week ahead. Stay fit and healthy.