Wednesday, 9 January 2019

Awaiting Wish list from Banggood!!!!!

Good Morning All!!

I hope this new year is treating you all great!! Wish your all dreams will be fulfilled.
I hope i will achieve what ever i have decided for 2019. Any ways, always hope for best in life, definitely good will happen.

Today again i come up with my new wish list from Banggood. I am really fascinated from this website. Every time when i look for something i needed, i  always found very interesting and unique product on this site.
I personally used product from Bangggod. They are of really good quality and at fair price. And they are very particular about time also.  
 Trust me you will be more than happy when you receive  your parcel from Banggood. So what are you waiting for, hit the website and make your wish list like the way i did and order it.  There are many great deals you can get.
Good news is if you download the Banggood App you will get 10% off coupon .

Here i want to show you my recent wish list from Banggood, have a look.

 Knuckle rings : i really wish to buy this. I am always crazy for rings.

Nail art kit : Really useful for those  who like to maintain their nails, no need to go to salon every time, if you have this wonderful kit.      

Cheap cake stands : Amazing product for bakers.

Eyelash perm kit : To get perfect eye makeup.

Pilaten black mask : I am sure this is awesome product.

Digital Wall Clock : I am gone hang this on wall in my leaving area.

Camera stabilizer : Definitely must for a blogger like me to click pic for blog, if no one is around you to click for you.

Xiaomi robot vacum : This is something new and unique product, i would like to buy .

Happy Shopping!!!!!!


  1. Those Knuckle rings are amazing! Great post!

  2. Molto originali. Buona giornata.

  3. Nice list. I really want the last one. Lots of kisses dear

  4. I might get a robo vaccum one day

  5. Hello, thanks for the information. Have a nice day!

  6. Hello,

    Lovely !


  7. maybe one day I will get the Amazing product for bakers.

  8. Oh i love this list! I wanna get the clock, the cake holders though i wont be using them anywhere! haha and ofcourse the stabilizer.

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  10. I love rings! That look so great! :))

  11. Happy New Year!!

    Great content and love your thoughts on this post

    💗💗Thank you so much for all the support💗💗

    Harija Ravi